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Mobility Matters

Incredibly easy to use and amazingly intuitive

If you’re a care provider working with adult or pediatric patients in applied behavior analysis (ABA), you know the importance of portability. Whether you’re performing interventions in schools, homes, workplaces or hospitals, you need mobile access to your practice and patient information. That means your ABA software has to be cloud based, accessible from any internet-enabled device, and, ideally, created specifically for the needs of therapists on the go. That means ClinicSource.

Your Total Autism Practice Management & ABA Software Solution

ABA SOAP notes

ABA session notes provide for reporting on assistance type, level, percentage achieved, mastery and more.

ClinicSource is the web-based EMR/practice management software solution preferred by thousands of analysts, many of them credentialed by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. These BACB-certified providers have discovered that ClinicSource is more than just ABA billing software or ABA scheduling software—it’s an all-in-one system built around a time-saving integration of your ABA documentation, scheduling, billing and practice management. Unlike many of the autism clinic and ABA software options available today, you can view all schedules, enter progress notes, track patient progression, log treatments and much more, all from anywhere.

More Time for What Matters Most

When you’re planning focused and comprehensive ABA programs, you don’t want to be sidetracked by mountains of paperwork and administrative chores. Years in the making and perfected in practice, ClinicSource ABA software is the applied behavior analysis software system that gives you the power to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

Created specifically for the needs of therapists on the go.

Behavioral therapists use a scientifically validated approach to understand behavior and the factors that influence it. Taking advantage of learning processes, behavioral therapists use techniques such a positive reinforcement to reduce harmful or negative behaviors in order to bring about meaningful and positive changes, often to improve the lives of children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Applied Behavior Analysis software

The ABA Evaluation template features pre-loaded assessment scoring grids; each data set can be included in the evaluation with a single click.

Working with individuals diagnosed with autism comes with a unique set of challenges. ClinicSource applied behavior analysis software helps therapists approach these unique circumstances in the most efficient manner. Behavioral therapists rely on measures such as the SPM, Vineland-II and VB-MAPP Barriers Assessment to determine the exact nature of a client’s areas of strength and concern. Using scoring grids, clinicians can enter scores into templates to create thorough reports.

Evaluation templates describe assessment measures, explain scoring parameters, and help clinicians analyze and interpret clinical findings. Assessment templates enable therapists to easily identify and document factors contributing to behaviors, describe the nature of behaviors, and identify recommendations for addressing behaviors. Clinicians can use a checklist format to identify procedures and modalities, such as discrete trial training, errorless learning, pivotal response training, and more, to quickly create an evidence-based plan of care that clearly identifies goals and objectives across a variety of domains.

ABA Software That Works Wherever You Do

ClinicSource is a great company with great customer service! We’ve worked with ClinicSource for over six years with much success. They are very responsive to requests; always seeking to make the product better. ClinicSource has allowed our company to become more efficient with documentation and billing. I would highly recommend ClinicSource to any therapy facility looking to streamline systems.

— Tina B., Georgia Applied Behavior Analyst

Therapists who provide applied behavior analysis (ABA) are constantly on the go! Providing therapy in multiple locations can make documentation very challenging. Fortunately, ClinicSource provides comprehensive and secure applied behavior analysis software, allowing practitioners to document from any internet-connected device, in any location with internet service. Therapists can easily complete documentation from a variety of locations and devices, giving them the flexibility that they need to complete documentation efficiently, regardless of the setting.

ClinicSource ABA practice management software also allows multiple providers to function as an integrated team, helping to ensure communication amongst multiple therapists and the provision of high-quality care for clients. Team members have the capability to access documentation and to enter data points from a given session. Because behavior analysts have access to multiple sources of data, they can easily monitor data trends to guide clinical decision-making.

ABA Reporting and Automatic Updates

ABA software goal library

Our exclusive Goal Library comes pre-loaded with hundreds of ABA objectives, ready to drop into your patient’s care plan.

The entire ClinicSource applied behavior analysis software system automatically updates, at no cost to you, which keeps your practice up-to-date on new requirements, and helps you satisfy reporting obligations. In the event of an audit, all documentation is already organized and ready to print or deliver electronically.

ClinicSource features a robust reporting system, which helps increase efficiency while eliminating errors. You can run reports for both the clinical and the financial side of your practice. ClinicSource ABA data collection software can help you be a more efficient and effective ABA provider, regardless of what size or type of clinic you’re in. You can even run detailed reports on referrals, letting you know whom to thank, and helping you maintain healthy relationships.

An EMR for ABA, Plus Total Practice Management

ABA billing software

With just two clicks, all ABA claims can be created in batch for all sessions waiting to be billed.

While ClinicSource is indeed a powerful EMR for applied behavior analysis, it also does so much more: it’s a comprehensive therapy practice management system that fully integrates all ABA billing, documentation and scheduling in one user-friendly unit.

The system was developed by therapists and has been perfected through years of working with professionals in the industry to create the ultimate cloud-based ABA practice management software for practices of all types, including Speech Therapy (ST), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT), Mental Health (MH), and Pediatric Therapy of all kinds.

View ABA schedules, enter progress notes, track patient progression, log treatments and much more, all from anywhere.

Featuring totally customizable ABA templates, documentation features developed specifically for analysts, and industry-best customer support, you owe it to yourself to try ClinicSource: the HIPAA-compliant, ICD-10 ready, ONC Certified software system that lets you spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

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applied behavior analysis appointment scheduler

You can easily synchronize your ClinicSource ABA therapy schedule with Google Calendar or export to Outlook or iCal, and view from any web-enabled device.

ClinicSource therapy practice management software can help you be a more efficient and effective ABA provider, regardless of what size or type of clinic you’re in. Discover ClinicSource to learn how you can easily streamline your workflow from anywhere, and see how this integrated ABA practice management software system can make it easier than ever to handle all your ABA practice management tasks, while simultaneously increasing productivity and improving patient care.