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New Year, New Practice: Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023

Highlights If your practice suffers from no-shows, lost revenue, and manual data entry errors, therapy practice management software can help ...
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[Webinar] Learn About Our Comprehensive Billing Solution, CSBilling, and If It’s Right For You!

Insurance billing and reimbursements can be extremely complex. There are billing reports, claim reimbursement tracking, denials management, and more. Who ...
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Therapy Billing

How CSBilling Can Solve Your Biggest Billing Issues

  Welcome to Catch Up With ClinicSource, a podcast series for therapists to explore the many ways to empower their ...
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ClinicSource Podcast

Love Therapy Services CSBilling Testimonial

Ashley Love of Love Therapy Services explains how CSBilling helped her practice maximize billing efficiency and increase collections. See how ...
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Therapy Billing
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Choosing the Best EMR for Speech and Language Therapy

Highlights   The EMR system you use at your speech and language therapy practice significantly impacts its daily operations. Switching from ...
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Speech Therapy SOAP Notes Made Easy

Highlights   Manually documenting speech therapy SOAP notes can take valuable time away from patients and lead to organization and compliance ...
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How to Choose the Best Speech Therapy Documentation Software

Highlights   Choosing the right speech therapy documentation software can help you streamline all aspects of your practice. When choosing a ...
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The Best Physical Therapy EMR Does These 5 Things

Highlights   An efficient physical therapy EMR is vital to streamlining your practice’s workflow and providing better patient care. The best ...
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Social Media Guide for Mental Health Therapists

Highlights   As a therapist, using a practical social media guide to marketing your practice can help you boost patient numbers ...
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Social Media Marketing Guide for PTs and OTs

Highlights   Social media marketing is vital to growing your PT or OT practice.  By developing a social media marketing strategy, ...
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