Online therapy billing software designed to let therapists spend less time with paperwork and more time with patients.

Therapy billing softwareFully integrated with ClinicSource documentation, scheduling and practice management software, this automated online medical billing software dramatically reduces time spent on claims and invoicing. Cloud-based and 100% HIPAA compliant therapist billing software.

ClinicSource medical billing software

Completely integrated online therapy billing software system eliminates extra work by pulling all existing data together. With ClinicSource medical billing, you never have to re-key patient information, CPT codes, diagnoses, modifiers or appointment information. All service data automatically flows into the appropriate billing templates.

Customizable invoicing and claims processing with options that let you bill the way you need to. With one button, you can automatically generate all claims and invoices. Then you can batch-send them electronically, or print them to paper forms. Or both. It’s up to you, and it’s fully customizable by patient, provider and insurer. ClinicSource therapy billing software also processes secondary claims and supports courtesy billing as well. And ClinicSource interfaces directly with multiple clearinghouses.

Payment processor handles incoming funds from multiple sources, including patient credit cards, e-checks and optional ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice) from insurers. The ERA system automates posting of EOB payments back to your records, so you don’t have to re-enter. With integrated credit card and e-check processing, there’s no need for a standalone swipe machine—once the card information is in the patient profile, it all happens with the click of a button.

Patient statement generator easily produces documents to accompany claims, or for the patient’s records. It’s never been quicker or simpler to locate payment records and provide HIPAA-compliant statements. ClinicSource makes it easy to create batch statements with patient balances and all the billing details you’ll need.

Claim tracker maximizes reimbursements and makes collections more efficient. Since ClinicSource’s HIPAA compliant counselor billing software is fully integrated with the rest of your practice, there’s no need to re-enter patient information, saving you valuable time and reducing costly errors. With one-click electronic claims submission, your time to reimbursement shrinks from weeks to days. And a full battery of financial reports, searchable through various filters, gives you quick access to any collection-related information you might require.

Electronic therapy billing software that’s completely integrated with your practice scheduling and documentation means you won’t need any other online medical billing software or programs. ClinicSource counseling billing software handles it all, in one cohesive system, that you can access securely from anywhere. Now you can streamline your billing, spending less time with paperwork and more time with patients.

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