ALL INCLUDED: Initial Training and Setup (no setup fee), Unlimited Email Support, 30 Min./Mo. Phone Support, Nightly Backups
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2 Hours Initial Remote Training
1 Gigabyte Attachment Storage Question?
Setup (no additional setup fee)
Nightly Backups
Additional Users
for full-time users, unlimited visits

for part-time users & non-providers

‹25 visits per month


How does the pricing work?

Pricing is based on a per-user basis. So if you had 5 users, the monthly fee would be $59.95 (1 user base package) plus $119.80 ($29.95 x 4 users) totaling $179.75.

Can we host ClinicSource ourselves?

Yes, we can provide you with a software license agreement that will allow you to install and run ClinicSource on servers of your own. Please contact our sales team for a quote. This option would be suited for very large organizations with a dedicated IT staff and a significant investment in server hardware capable of supporting the operation of ClinicSource.

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