Physical Therapist Software

Collaboration and Integration

In the world of physical therapy, collaboration is key: the physical therapist must coordinate with the patient, caregivers, and other medical professionals to help the patient regain maximum functional ability.

More than just a physical therapy EMR: it’s a complete practice management system.

The ClinicSource physical therapy EMR and practice management software system uses collaboration as well: automatic collaboration between therapy documentation, scheduling and billing functions, seamlessly integrating them to help your physical therapy practice achieve maximum productivity.

Patients, Not Paperwork

Physical therapists would rather spend more time with patients, and less time with paperwork. But according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study commissioned by the American Hospital Association (AHA), paperwork for physical therapists and related caregivers adds at least 30 minutes to every single hour of patient care provided! (PDF)

To help reduce time spent on documentation and managerial tasks, the intuitive ClinicSource physical therapy EMR and practice management software platform ensures that all relevant information flows automatically to wherever it’s needed—so you never need to re-type. For instance, once you set an objective from the Goal Library in the care plan, it appears in the patient’s daily SOAP notes. When it’s time for billing, all relevant data, such as CPT codes, diagnoses and modifiers are already entered for you. In fact, the ClinicSource physical therapy billing software makes it faster and easier than ever to handle all of your clinic’s billing tasks, with 100% accuracy.

physical therapy software

The Physical Therapy Evaluation template comes pre-loaded with all relevant sections—just pick and click.

As a physical therapist (PT), you focus your treatment on restoring, maintaining, and promoting optimal physical functions, helping to reduce pain, restore function and prevent injury in both children and adults. From treating plagiocephaly or torticollis in newborns, to helping athletes regain strength and agility following an injury, to preventing loss of mobility in aging adults, physical therapists apply evidence-based interventions to help their patients move and perform functional activities in their daily lives. Without a doubt, physical therapists are having increased productivity demands and administrative requirements placed upon them. To help balance these constraints, ClinicSource has developed an intuitive physical therapy EMR and practice management software system to help clinicians complete a wide range of documentations by using grids, templates, and features that are customized to serve the unique needs of physical therapists.

Because patient care begins at the time of assessment, ClinicSource’s physical therapy EMR and practice management software has documentation solutions in place to help therapists reduce the amount of time needed to conduct an evaluation and document their clinical findings regarding a patient’s functions and movements. Care has been taken to ensure that both formal and informal measures can be entered using scoring grids, checklists, and dropdown menus. This results in an easy to use program, and the generation of a report that is easy to interpret. For formal measures, such as the BOT-2, EIDP, and PDMS-2, therapists can enter a variety of parameters, including raw scores, scaled scores, standard scores, confidence intervals and percentile ranks. Clinicians can use checklists and text boxes to document observations and measurements across domains, including safety precautions, developmental areas, functional mobility, and gait. Physical therapists can easily document level of assistance, required transfers or task completion using dropdown menus. Regardless of setting, PTs can efficiently create assessment reports to document the unique strengths and deficits of their patients.

Physical Therapy Treatment Plans and More

As a recent DPT grad, I was exposed to a number of different documentation software programs. ClinicSource is by far the easiest and most efficient I’ve used. Glad my employer chose ClinicSource!

— John Kirkland, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Following an assessment, PTs and PTAs design differentiated treatment plans based on current research, their unique medical expertise and experience, patient circumstances, and patient values. ClinicSource’s physical therapy EMR and practice management software allows PTs the flexibility to decide which techniques and modalities are going to have the most value for their patients. From therapeutic exercise to vestibular training, to aquatic therapy to electrotherapy, modalities and CPT codes are easily accessed, allowing clinicians to efficiently create a comprehensive plan of care. Furthermore, PTs often request medical equipment that is required to support their patients’ needs. ClinicSource physical therapy exercise software allows clinicians to clearly document the medical necessity of equipment to help their patients increase their functional gains and level of independence.

PTs can also take advantage of an exclusive Goal Library that comes pre-populated with hundreds of objectives relevant to physical therapy. Simply select your goals, and all information flows automatically to the patient’s plan of care, daily notes and beyond. The goal banks have been customized for the specific areas that they most frequently address, including ADLs, balance, coordination, strength, range of motion, self care, and more.

Physical Therapy EMR Plus Much More

ClinicSource features much more than just a physical therapy EMR: it’s a physical therapy practice management system that combines all of your therapy documentation, scheduling and billing in one easy-to-use platform.

Automatic collaboration between therapy documentation, scheduling and billing functions.

This physical therapy documentation software system was developed by therapists and perfected during years of collaboration with industry experts, and the result is the leading cloud-based physical therapy billing software for practices of all types: Physical Therapy (PT), Speech Therapy (ST), Occupational Therapy (OT), Mental Health (MH), Massage Therapy (MT), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and Pediatric Therapy of all kinds.

With fully customizable physical therapy templates, myriad features developed just for therapists, and stellar customer support, ClinicSource has everything you need. It’s the HIPAA-compliant, ONC Certified physical therapy EMR and practice management software system that allows you to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

Get ClinicSource for Physical Therapy!

ClinicSource will empower you to become a more efficient and effective provider, no matter what size or type of clinic you serve in. You’ll love how the integrated physical therapy EMR and practice management software system will make your practice management tasks easier than ever, while raising productivity and elevating patient care.