What is ClinicSource?
ClinicSource is software accessible via the Internet that manages therapy clinics. With ClinicSource, you can manage all aspects of your clinic from documentation, billing, collections, and payroll. Since ClinicSource is web based, you can use it from any pc with an internet connection.
How does it work?
ClinicSource works great and is easy to use. We host your instance of ClinicSource at our server farm on our equipment. Just open a web browser from any Internet enabled PC and enter the URL we provide you. The login screen will appear and you're ready to go. There's no hardware to buy or software to install.
Is my clinic data safe?
ClinicSource uses the same security technologies as financial institutions. So all data exchanged between your computer and our servers is encrypted. Furthermore, your data is backed up nightly in our datacenter as well as to a secure off site location. So, even if your PC crashes, your clinic data is still safe.
What size clinic can use it?
Any size clinic can use ClinicSource. From small clinics with five therapists to multi facility clinics with hundreds of therapists. ClinicSource® is designed for scalability.
What about multiple clinics or locations?
Do you have multiple clinics and locations, even across state lines. No problem. ClinicSource was built from the ground up to support multiple billing locations in a single database. Each facility or location in ClinicSource supports separate billing information including EIN numbers, addresses, etc.
Will it work on my PDA phone or iPad device?
Yes, many features of ClinicSource are functional on smart phones (iPhone and Blackberry devices) and iPads such as schedule viewing, logging treatments, SOAP notes, etc.
Does ClinicSource work on a Mac?
Yes, you can use ClinicSource on a Mac. Be sure to use Microsoft™ Internet Explorer v5.1 (Mac version) or Safari™ when accessing.
How does the pricing work?
Pricing is based on a per-user basis. So if you had 5 users, the monthly fee would be $61.95 (1 user base package) plus $119.80 ($30.95 x 4 users) totaling $185.75.
I have more than one location. What does that cost?
ClinicSource supports hosting multiple clinic locations in one database. There is a location drop down selector in the top right of the application to select the desired clinic location. For each additional location in the drop down you will need to purchase an additional "Location" at $30.95/month.
What is attachment storage?
One of the unique features of ClinicSource is the ability to upload and attach files to patient, evaluation, treatment and other records. This gives you the flexibility store scanned or electronic documents such as word files with treatments and evaluations. These documents can then be retrieved and viewed easily within ClinicSource. The total size of all these attached files in Megabytes denotes your total attached document storage.
What's a user? How many user accounts do I need?
A user is anyone that needs access to ClinicSource. Each therapist or provider will need a user account in ClinicSource. For example, if you had 45 therapists and 3 back office/administrative personnel, then you would need 48 user accounts.