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Practitioners in pediatric therapy understand the unique challenges of working with children, and need pediatric practice management tools that can help them do their jobs more easily and efficiently. Using ClinicSource pediatric EMR software, thousands of therapists have been able to streamline their therapy practice management, allowing them to spend more time helping their pediatric patients in every therapy type.

Your Complete Pediatric Practice Management Software Solution

An all-in-one system built around a time-saving integration of your pediatric scheduling, documentation, billing and practice management.

ClinicSource is a powerful pediatric therapy EMR, but it’s so much more: it’s a complete pediatric practice management system that totally integrates all of your pediatric therapy documentation, scheduling and billing in one easy-to-use platform.

Pediatric ST goal library

Our exclusive Goal Library comes pre-loaded with hundreds of speech therapy objectives, ready to drop into your patient’s care plan.


ClinicSource’s pediatric EMR system was developed by a licensed speech therapist, and it’s been perfected through years of working with a diverse range of industry professionals to create the ultimate cloud-based software for pediatric therapy practices of all types, including pediatric Speech Therapy (ST), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT) Mental Health (MH), and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).

Pediatric Speech Therapy

ClinicSource EMR was designed by an ASHA-certified speech language pathologist, specifically to help therapy practices, so it’s incredibly easy to use and amazingly intuitive. It’s HIPAA compliant, ONC Certified and 100% web-based, so you can access it anywhere, from ANY web-enabled device.

The ClinicSource therapy pediatric practice management software system saves you countless hours by seamlessly integrating all of your pediatric speech therapy billing, scheduling and documentation functions, helping your pediatric speech therapy practice achieve maximum productivity.

ClinicSource EMR features an exclusive Goal Library that comes pre-populated with hundreds of objectives relevant to speech therapy. Simply select your goals, and all information flows automatically to the patient’s plan of care, daily notes and beyond.

Pediatric Applied Behavior Analysis

ClinicSource is the web-based EMR/practice management software solution preferred by thousands of analysts, many of them credentialed by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. These BACB-certified providers have discovered that ClinicSource is more than just pediatric billing software or pediatric scheduling software—it’s an all-in-one system built around a time-saving integration of your pediatric documentation, scheduling, billing and practice management. Unlike many of the pediatric ABA and autism clinic software options available today, you can view all schedules, enter progress notes, track patient progression, log treatments and much more, all from anywhere.

Pediatric ABA SOAP notes

ABA SOAP notes provide for reporting on assistance type, level, percentage achieved, mastery and more.

The ClinicSource EMR system was designed with a strong focus on customized reporting templates for on-spectrum patients. The therapy-specific SOAP notes receive automatically-flowing information from the other software components, making your behavior analysis reporting nearly effortless. Applied behavior analysis therapy SOAP notes allow for reporting on assistance type, level, percentage achieved and mastery, and interventions may be reported for any given goal.

All of this information then flows seamlessly to progress summaries and discharge summaries, letting you quickly track pediatric ABA patient progression, including at what percentage each goal was accomplished, and to what degree.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

The pediatric occupational therapy documentation software templates and other therapy-specific features in ClinicSource were created in collaboration with many NBCOT-certified occupational therapists and several esteemed members of AOTA.  During extensive research, we found that pediatric therapists and clinic staff alike were confounded by the lack of a single software system that could do everything they needed in their pediatric therapy practices. Indeed, many available programs are only capable of handling pediatric scheduling. Some just do SOAP notes and documentation. Others only do billing. Some software can handle a few of your pediatric practice management tasks, but not others. Sadly, the few systems that can “do it all” are mostly loaded down with features and functions you’ll never need in your pediatric occupational therapy practice, making them confusing, slow and burdensome to use.

Pediatric OT evaluation template

Relevant sections for occupational therapy are available to quickly insert into the Evaluation Template, including Fine Motor, Range of Motion and Strength, Gross Motor, Sensory and more.

But ClinicSource was designed to address the specific needs of therapy practices, so you’ll never waste time searching through irrelevant codes, goals and modalities. And ClinicSource goes even deeper by allowing you to choose which therapy discipline you specialize in. When you first set up your software, simply choose occupational therapy, and the system automatically focuses on options relevant to you, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. You can add or remove disciplines at any time, and customize fields to present you with the choices you need most.

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapists would rather spend more time with patients, and less time with paperwork. But according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study commissioned by the American Hospital Association (AHA), paperwork for physical therapists and related caregivers adds at least 30 minutes to every single hour of patient care provided! (Click for PDF)

To help reduce time spent on pediatric documentation and managerial tasks, the intuitive ClinicSource platform ensures that all relevant information flows automatically to wherever it’s needed—so you never need to re-type. For instance, once you set an objective from the Goal Library in the care plan, it appears in the patient’s daily SOAP notes.

Quickly track pediatric ABA patient progression, including at what percentage each goal was accomplished, and to what degree.

The seamless flow of information continues throughout the entire ClinicSource system, including the scheduling area, where the data will already be loaded when booking future appointments. When it’s time for pediatric therapy billing, all patient and session information such as CPT codes, diagnoses and modifiers are already entered for you, dramatically reducing time spent on claims and invoicing. In fact, the ClinicSource software makes it faster and easier than ever to handle all of your pediatric physical therapy management tasks, with 100% accuracy.

Pediatric Practice Management Software That’s Both Secure and Convenient

To keep your pediatric therapy practice management data completely safe, ClinicSource uses the same security technologies as major financial institutions. All data exchanged between your computer and our servers is fully encrypted. Further, your data is backed up nightly in our datacenter, as well as to a secure off site location. So, even if your PC crashes, your clinic data is still intact. And the ClinicSource billing component is certified as credit card safe.

Scheduling software for pediatric OT, ST and ABA

You can easily synchronize your ClinicSource therapy schedule with Google Calendar or export to Outlook or iCal, and view from any web-enabled device.

ClinicSource is completely cloud-based, giving you the ultimate in convenience and mobility, with no servers to purchase and maintain. Imagine the freedom of checking your pediatric schedule from any smartphone. Or documenting your pediatric therapy sessions on the fly, right on your tablet. With ClinicSource you can synchronize schedules directly with Google Calendar, or export to Outlook or iCal.

Automatically Updating Software that Helps Maximize Profitability

The entire ClinicSource software system automatically updates, at no cost to you, which keeps your practice up-to-date on new requirements, and helps you satisfy reporting obligations. In the event of an audit, all pediatric therapy documentation is already organized and ready to print or deliver electronically.

When it’s time for pediatric therapy billing, all patient and session information such as CPT codes, diagnoses and modifiers are already entered for you, dramatically reducing time spent on claims and invoicing.

And ClinicSource features a robust reporting system, which helps increase efficiency while eliminating errors and maximizing profitability. You can run reports for both the clinical and the financial side of your pediatric therapy practice. ClinicSource tracks therapist productivity, authorizations, care plans, evaluations, charges, reimbursements and much more. You can even run detailed reports on referrals, letting you know whom to thank, and helping you maintain healthy relationships.

One Software Solution for Every Type of Pediatric Therapy

If you’re looking for customizable pediatric therapy templates, reporting features developed specifically for therapists, and unparalleled levels of customer support, look no further than ClinicSource: the HIPAA-compliant, ONC Certified, ICD-10 ready software system that lets you spend more time with your pediatric patients and less time on paperwork.

GREAT platform for templates and billing! There are templates for most major pediatric diagnostics, including Beckman Oral Motor. The forms are intuitive. The managers and clinicians all like the reminders. Even saved my progress during a power outage!

— Lori, Pediatric Therapist

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Whether you’re serving pediatric therapy patients as a single-therapist operation, a medium-sized clinic or a large, multiple-location practice, ClinicSource therapy practice software can help you become a more efficient and effective pediatric therapy provider.

Explore all of to learn more, and see how this integrated software system can make it easier than ever to handle all of your pediatric practice management tasks, while maximizing productivity and enhancing patient care.