Therapy Practice Types

If You Specialize in Therapy, ClinicSource is for You!

The ClinicSource integrated practice management system was created by therapists, specifically for use in therapy practices. No matter what type of EMR software your need for your therapy practice, ClinicSource therapy practice software can help you become a more efficient and effective provider. ClinicSource therapy practice software is useful for a variety of different types of medical therapy, including the following:

Physical Therapy

In the world of physical therapy, collaboration is key: the practitioner must coordinate with the patient, the patient’s caregivers and other medical professionals to help the patient regain maximum functional ability. The ClinicSource therapy practice software system uses automatic collaboration between management functions to help your physical therapy practice achieve maximum productivity. The intuitive ClinicSource platform ensures that information flows instantly to wherever it’s needed—so you never need to re-type. For instance, once you select an objective from the Goal Library, it appears in the patient’s daily notes. When it’s time for billing, all relevant data, such as CPT codes, diagnoses and modifiers, are already entered for you. Learn More »

Speech Therapy

You probably know that therapists developed the ClinicSource system… but did you know that the original therapist was a licensed SLP? She became frustrated by the limitations of available EMRs, and by having to use different programs for different management functions in her speech therapy practice. That therapist, along with her colleagues, set out to create something better. Years in the making, ClinicSource therapy practice software was born in 2006 and continues to help thousands of speech therapists today, with all of the templates and features most needed by speech therapists. And ongoing feedback from thousands of users ensures that ClinicSource EMR software is continually evolving and expanding. Learn More »

Occupational Therapy

As an occupational therapist, you help people move through their daily lives in better and more efficient ways. ClinicSource can do the same for you, by integrating all of your scheduling, documentation, billing and practice management with one easy-to-use program. From customized SOAP note and reporting templates to the HIPAA-compliant billing component, ClinicSource therapy practice software goes far beyond a typical EMR, integrating and streamlining all of your practice management tasks. When you initially set up your user profile, you can select whatever discipline you choose, which presents you with all of your relevant diagnosis codes, CPT codes, templates and more. This means you won’t have to sort through codes and libraries used only by other practice types. All of this increased efficiency frees you up to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork! Learn More »

Applied Behavior Analysis

The cloud-based ClinicSource therapy practice software system features unmatched convenience and mobility, making it the perfect choice for working with adult and pediatric patients in applied behavior analysis (ABA.) With ClinicSource, all of your practice data goes with you, wherever you travel. Any behavior analyst performing interventions in schools, homes, workplaces—even hospitals—needs mobile access to patient information. That’s why we developed ClinicSource to be 100% web-based, and accessible from any internet-enabled device. You can view schedules, enter progress notes, track patient progression, log treatments and much more, all from anywhere. Further, upon patient or caregiver signature, ClinicSource records the coordinates of the service location, providing irrefutable documentation if needed for billing and auditing purposes. ABA providers of any size can go mobile with ClinicSource and enjoy complete freedom, access and security… from any service location. Learn More »

Pediatric Therapy

By saving you countless hours on your therapy practice management tasks, ClinicSource helps you spend more time with the children you’re helping. Yes, it’s a powerful pediatric therapy EMR, but ClinicSource is so much more: it’s a complete pediatric practice management system that integrates all of your pediatric therapy documentation, scheduling and billing in one easy-to-use platform. ClinicSource therapy practice software has been perfected through years of working with a diverse range of industry professionals to create the ultimate cloud-based software for pediatric therapy practices of all types, including pediatric Speech Therapy (ST), Occupational Therapy (OT), Physical Therapy (PT) Mental Health (MH), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and more. If you’re looking for customizable pediatric therapy templates, reporting features developed specifically for therapists, and unparalleled levels of customer support, discover ClinicSource: the HIPAA-compliant, ONC Certified, ICD-10 ready EMR software system that lets you spend more time with your pediatric patients. Learn More »

Mental Health

Patient privacy and information security are essential to any therapy provider, but they become especially crucial when considering mental health software. That’s why, in addition to being 100% HIPAA compliant, ClinicSource uses the same ironclad security technology as major financial institutions, ensuring that your data always stays safe and secure. In addition, ClinicSource offers customizable security settings that allow you to control which staff members have access to sensitive data. For example, you might allow for providers to access patients on their caseload only. The auditing system also automatically documents who views what data, and when, and keeps track of when modifications were made. Comprehensive reports are always just a click away. The extensive mental health templates are our most recent, and were based on the DSM-5 standard, keeping you completely up to date. And ClinicSource automatically updates its software system, at no cost to users, whenever new regulatory requirements emerge. Learn More »


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