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Looking for the Best Mental Health EHR? Start Here

2 August 2022

August 2, 2022

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  • The best mental health EHR allows you to streamline tasks like scheduling, billing, and documentation so you can spend more time with patients. 
  • When choosing a mental health EMR, look for automated features, integrated functionality, and customizable templates that make your job easier. 
  • ClinicSource offers therapists and other mental health professionals integrated, efficient EMR that simplifies practice workflow and improves the patient’s experience. 

As a professional in the mental health field, you need a mental health EHR and practice management system that simplifies your daily tasks. Without an efficient mental health practice management system, it can be challenging to keep up with administrative tasks like documentation and billing. The right mental health EMR helps you streamline scheduling, documentation, patient assessments, and billing so you can focus on helping your patients improve their mental health. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Mental Health EHR/EMR 

Moving to a cloud-based mental health EMR from a manual recordkeeping system is essential for modern mental health practitioners. A 2015 American Psychological Association (APA) survey found that mental health providers spend an average of 7.4 hours per week on administrative tasks and only 18.4 on direct patient care. 

To increase the hours you spend with patients each week, look for a mental health EMR that helps you reduce paperwork and redundancy. Efficient EMR and practice management software contains elements such as automated features, customizable templates, and integrated functionality, along with analytical tools that help you effectively manage your practice. 

Automated Features

Excellent mental health EMRs use automation to simplify a therapist’s daily workload. Automated features may include appointment reminders that automatically generate to remind practitioners and patients of upcoming sessions. Automated features may also include automatically generated templates based on your practice type and the modalities you use to treat patients. 

Customizable Templates

Due to the complex nature of mental health treatment, documentation is the number one concern for most providers. The APA cautions mental health practitioners that proper documentation is required per the organization’s guidelines and federal and state laws. 

Your mental health EMR must have HIPPA-compliant, customizable templates that you can use to precisely document patient care. It should also simplify documentation through auto-populated notes, relevant case history selection, and access to templates regarding DSM-5 disorders. 

Integrated Functionality

The mental health EMR you choose must have integrated functionality to help you effectively manage your practice. Integration elements include scheduling that links to common digital calendar programs in Outlook, Google Calendar, or iCal. Integration should also apply to billing and insurance, with your EMR seamlessly processing insurance claims through automated clearinghouses to improve your cash flow. 

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Why ClinicSource is the Right Choice for Mental Health Therapists

ClinicSource is an integrated, cloud-based mental health EMR that meets all your practice needs as a practicing mental health professional. 

With ClinicSource, you gain access to the following features:

Integrated Scheduling

The advanced integrated scheduling features of ClinicSource will keep you organized and running efficiently. Our scheduling platform uses an intuitive interface that lets you book therapy sessions and track appointments by type. It offers multiple viewing options, lets you see your monthly or weekly schedule, and includes a built-in function that prevents double-booking. 

You can also send automated emails, calls, and texts to patients reminding them of their upcoming session. 

To further increase functionality and accessibility, integrated scheduling syncs with Google Calendar through desktop or mobile.

You can also export an ICS file of your schedule, which can then be imported to calendars like Outlook, iCal, and Apple Calendar programs.

Streamlined Practice Management

ClinicSource also offers therapists a fully integrated practice management system that syncs with the EMR side of the software. Our easy-to-use interface lets you run reports for financial and clinical aspects of your practice and links scheduling and billing into one platform. It features HIPAA-compliant security features and allows you to set permissions for who can access the software. 

Customizable Documentation

ClinicSource provides therapists with integrated mental health documentation software designed to simplify this sometimes-overwhelming aspect of patient care. Our documentation allows you to easily document evaluations, assessments, and SOAP notes so they comply with all laws and regulations.  

You can choose customizable templates based on your discipline, such as mental health (MH) or applied behavior analysis (ABA). Our software will then offer templates that apply to your discipline, so you don’t have to create documentation from scratch or sift through other discipline’s templates. With ClinicSource, you can report on all conditions in the DSM-5 manual. 

ClinicSource’s documentation also features a treatment log that includes pre-programmed CPT, G, and diagnosis codes and gives you automated reporting reminders that help you stay on top of new regulations. 

Our templates are 100% compliant with HIPAA regulations and Drummond ONC certified. You can access care plan templates and SOAP notes templates from any computer or device with an internet connection. 

Automated Billing

ClinicSource offers therapists an automated online billing solution that reduces manual errors and frees up time for patient interaction. Our integrated billing software pulls all your practice’s data together in one place to avoid redundant data entry such as patient information, diagnosis, or CPT codes. The automated billing software uses billing templates that help you generate invoices and insurance claims with the push of a button. 

With ClinicSource, you can:

  • Batch-process insurance claims
  • Connect to automated clearinghouses
  • Track your claims and see faster reimbursements 
  • Take payments from credit cards, e-checks, and ERAs
  • Generate HIPAA-compliant patient statements

Analytical Tools

ClinicSource provides therapists with an analytical dashboard to track their practice’s performance. With our mental health EMR analytical tools, you can easily run reports for your practice that will enable you to make the best decisions regarding practice management. 

You can compare revenue and billing reports, look at different provider results, and track operational costs. Our analytical tool allows you to customize your practice’s dashboard to meet your practice’s specific needs. 

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Simplify Practice Management with Integrated Mental Health EHR 

ClinicSource is an all-in-one mental health EHR platform created for therapists by therapists. Our mental health therapy practice management software offers psychologists, LCSWs, MFTs, and LPCs an ideal solution for effectively managing the day-to-day tasks of running a mental health practice. 

Our customizable and compliant documentation features and integrated functionality minimize the time you spend on administrative tasks to allow you more time to treat your patients. 

Book a demo today to learn more about all the ways ClinicSource can benefit your mental health practice. 

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