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mother hugging her child

Childhood Cancer Awareness: Therapists and Early Intervention

Highlights   Therapists play a critical role in children’s cancer awareness and early detection through observation and rapport with children and ...
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occpuational therapy session with a child

6 Trends in Occupational Therapy Research

Highlights   Knowing the most recent trends in occupational therapy research can help you incorporate new approaches when treating patients.  Current ...
woman medidating

The Latest Research on Stress-reduction Techniques

Highlights  Understanding the most recent research on stress reduction techniques can help you provide the highest level of care to ...
music therapy session with a child

Music Therapy for Mental Health Treatment: What’s New?

Highlights   As a therapist, Music Therapy Month in March is the ideal time to refresh your knowledge about music therapy ...
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therapist and child high five

What’s New in Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapy?

Highlights   Applied behavioral analysis therapy is typically used to help those with autism develop cognitive and social skills and has ...
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woman sleeping soundly

Latest Sleep Research for Therapists to Share With Patients

Highlights   Exploring the latest sleep research can help mental health providers provide comprehensive care to their patients and address behavioral ...
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February is National Boost Self-Esteem Month

Highlights  National Boost Self-Esteem Month takes place in February to help people improve their thoughts and feelings about themselves.  High ...
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adolescent in a therapy session

Latest in Therapy Research: Adolescent Self-Harm

Highlights   When treating adolescent self-harm, it is vital to have updated research and therapy approaches to provide the best care ...
teen using a phone

Latest Therapy Research on Teen Social Media Use

Highlights   Teen social media use can lead to mental health concerns like depression, poor self-esteem, and sleep disturbance.  Despite many ...
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having a conversation

What’s Trending in Substance Abuse Treatment?

Highlights Knowing the latest substance abuse treatment research is essential for effective patient care. Medication-assisted therapies and complementary and alternative ...
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