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19 November 2014

November 19, 2014

In: Therapy Billing

If you had a program that could allow you to store all of your medical documents safely, reduce paper waste in your office and allow you to access medical documents offsite, can you imagine how much more streamlined your practice could be? At ClinicSource Therapy EMR, we know that making your office work less complicated can be a lifesaver, especially in a small practice. If you’ve hesitated making the move to a digital storage system, you are missing out on a lot of benefits. Here are a few of the main benefits you’ll find in our powerful therapy EMR medical software system:

Easy Occupational Therapy EMR Documentation

girl-at-computerOur Therapy Documentation Software makes it easy for you to keep up on all of your administrative tasks. A few clicks on the keyboard lets you customize new reports for occupational therapy, speech therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy, mental health or applied behavior analysis. You can even select more than one option at a time, if necessary. The therapy EHR software program makes it easier to record sessions, code selections and allows you to set reminders to keep your notes up to date. Our unique therapy EHR software system is designed to give you the most value for your money. Not only will you have access to documents commonly used in therapy practices, you can also create custom documents specifically for your office. You can even customize documents to fit your needs. As an added bonus, you’ll have access to therapy scheduling software to ensure that your appointments don’t overlap and you never miss an important meeting again. You can even sync your Google Calendar with the program to avoid double scheduling and to allow for mobile notifications.

Seamless Organization

If you’ve avoided digitizing your documents, each patient’s paperwork may include all of the following: scheduled appointments, patient information (filled out each visit), privacy statement, insurance information, therapy forms, updated medical notes and more. Many practices are hesitant to use digital therapy EHR software systems because they worry about lost information and documents. But ClinicSource software is specifically designed to ensure that data stays uniform and organized. The system is designed to ensure you spend less time filing paperwork and more time focusing on your patients. Our system lets you track medical and financial features including referrals, productivity, care plans and authorizations so you can see what’s really going on quickly. A major benefit of using our EHR software program is that it automatically updates. This is particularly convenient when requirements adjust. These automatic updates can save you hours of time creating new documents. With ever-changing policies and requirements, it can be time consuming and wasteful to print new forms all the time. Our therapy EHR software system ensures that you always have the most up-to-date requirements so you can feel comfortable knowing your practice is compliant with all reporting laws and regulations.  

Access ClinicSource Portal: Therapy Evaluation Templates and Forms

Between patient information forms, evaluation forms and privacy agreement papers, you can go through a lot of paperwork every time a patient visits your office. Add evaluation forms that many therapists use for each session and the paperwork really adds up. You can simplify the procedure by implementing our ClinicSource therapy evaluation form. This form allows therapists to quickly access the therapy evaluation form on a computer or tablet. They can quickly fill in notes and have it saved in a matter of minutes. This particular feature not only saves trees, it can save a lot of time.

Store EHR Therapy Notes Safely

It’s an unfortunate truth that accidents happen. Fires, floods, storms and burglaries can cost a medical practice a lot of information. To help prevent permanent loss, many practices have converted to electronic medical records. Many times these records are scanned copies of forms filled out by the patient. Not using therapy EMRs can be time consuming for the patient, office staff and the doctors. Utilizing a therapy EHR software system can eliminate the need for handwritten paper documents. Because these records are stored online, you’ll have access to these documents even if your office were to be affected by water damage, fire or robbery. Additionally, our secure servers ensure that private information is safe from prying eyes. We utilize the same security system that banks use, ensuring that all of your data is encrypted. Our certified EHR (electronic health record) therapy program will help ensure that you have all of your information through rain, shine and computer crashes. To learn more about the type of programs we offer, browse our website to learn exactly what we offer.

No hardware or software required

One of the best parts about our certified EMR therapy program is that you don’t have to install anything on your computers! When you sign up, we’ll give you a personalized link that will send you directly to your very own ClinicSource portal. This allows you to access new and saved documents quickly, no matter where you are. Many digital health record programs practically require a master’s degree to understand. You will not have to deal with installation or navigation issues. Our easy-to-use therapy EHR software system is designed to save you time and money. We even offer a 30-day free trial so you can get a feel for the program before you commit. To sign up for our free 30-day trial, visit our website for more information. Don’t wait! Visit our website today and find out how you can streamline your office, save money, reduce your impact on the environment and increase patient care by spending less time pushing papers.


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