Meet ClinicSource: The Therapy Practice Management Software Designed by Therapists, For Therapists

12 July 2022

July 12, 2022

In: ClinicSource Podcast

Welcome to Catch Up With ClinicSource, a podcast series for therapists to explore the many ways to empower their practice and improve their business.

In our inaugural episode, ClinicSource Specialists Dave Ha and Joshua Klassen discuss why a digital practice management system is superior to paper and how going digital can transform your practice.

Together, they introduce ClinicSource to listeners and break down the basics including what it is, who it’s for, its features, and the solutions it provides therapists.

Listen in to learn:  

  • How ClinicSource can be customized to any practice type
  • The benefits of an integrated practice management software solution
  • What ClinicSource’s user-friendly onboarding and training process is like
  • Dave and Josh’s favorite ClinicSource features

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Your one source for therapy EMR:

Therapy Documentation

Intuitive templates make reporting quick and easy.


Therapy Scheduling

Possibly the most powerful scheduling system ever.

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Therapy Billing

Fully-integrated payment processing & collections.


Practice Management

Go paperless! All practice data is right at your fingertips.