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New Year, New Practice: Set Yourself Up for Success in 2023

7 November 2022

November 7, 2022

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  • If your practice suffers from no-shows, lost revenue, and manual data entry errors, therapy practice management software can help improve your workflow.
  • ClinicSource offers comprehensive documentation, scheduling, and billing in an all-in-one solution.
  • Take advantage of ClinicSource’s customizable reports and templates for your therapy practice to start the new year off right.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s a great time to reflect and prepare for the new year. Many practices have extra revenue at the end of the year, so take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your therapy practice management software. ClinicSource is a top-rated EHR software platform that has helped many therapy practices streamline their processes and save time. Save money for a limited time with our best deal of the year!

It’s Time to Take Stock of Your Therapy Practice Management Software

New Year’s is an excellent time to take stock of your current practice management system. Reviewing your manual processes or outdated therapy practice management software can help you identify areas holding you back and know what to look for in a more efficient therapy EHR system. 

For example, a manual scheduling system may result in under- or overbooking your practice. No-shows and missed appointments for your practice can cost you revenue. 

A fully integrated practice management software will organize your team’s workflow, from scheduling appointments to billing insurers. It can also allow staff members to access patient information in one central location, so they can access patient records whenever and wherever necessary from a single workspace. 

Switching to automated and customizable therapy management software can also help you streamline data collection and simplify therapy documentation. These improvements can result in higher revenues and better patient satisfaction.

New Year, New Practice with ClinicSource

With ClinicSource, all your therapy billing, documentation, scheduling, and documentation integrate into an all-in-one system with your electronic medical record platform. It eliminates redundant data entry, minimizes errors, and lets you spend more time with patients. 

Simplified Documentation 

Therapy practices can automate data entry and progress notes with accessible SOAP notes, care plans, goals, and evaluation templates for consistency and efficiency. Once you choose your specialty, ClinicSource will show the documentation templates relevant to your practice, making it easier for you to ensure accurate documentation for every patient.

Drop-down menus and customizable macros also save you time, allowing you to give more individualized attention to your patients. 

Intuitive Scheduling Capabilities

Customizable color-coding in ClinicSource lets you set up a scheduling screen that affords you the most efficient workflow for setting appointments with patients. The software’s scheduling capability includes a built-in conflict checker to ensure you never overbook and shows the next available times for patients when they schedule their visits with you. 

You can set up the scheduling system to send an appointment reminder for the patient to confirm, cancel, or reschedule their appointment. 

Automated Billing

ClinicSource’s medical billing eliminates the need to manually enter patient information, CPT codes, diagnoses, and modifiers for every claim. All the data flows into the appropriate claims and invoices. The fully integrated system makes it easy to submit and manage claims electronically, including those with complex modifiers.

You can send automatic co-pay reminders as part of the scheduling system to ensure no insurance claim goes unprocessed or unpaid

Streamlined Practice Management 

ClinicSource lets your practice go paperless to streamline business operations and improve communication. The software allows you to set custom user permissions and track who can access and view data. ClinicSource’s therapist-designed interface ensures ease of use and automatic updates, so you never have to worry about spending money on expensive upgrades.

Helpful Analytics Features

According to one study, 40% of medical practices failed to meet their revenue goals in 2021 due to increased expenses and slower reimbursements by insurers. Your practice can use ClinicSource’s analytics dashboard and report generation to identify opportunities for improvement in your practice. If you run multiple clinics, you can review performance reports for each and see how they compare. 

Why ClinicSource?

ClinicSource is a therapy practice management software designed to help therapists run their businesses more efficiently. Our integrated solution allows therapists to manage everything from their schedules and billing to patient records and insurance claims.

Works With Multiple Therapy Practice Types

Therapists created ClinicSource with therapists in mind, so they know the best features to help practices become more efficient. Our therapy practice software works with multiple specialties, from speech therapy to mental health. Every discipline has customized reporting templates for pediatric and adult patients.

For instance, speech therapists can take advantage of 65 built-in templates. You can use standardized assessments and checklist templates to document your patients’ strengths and deficits in communication, voice, and cognitive abilities. 

Mental health providers can easily include DSM-5 diagnoses in therapy note templates during patient sessions. The data automatically updates the progress and discharge summaries, helping providers track patient progress.

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Build a Software Package That Works for You

Unlike other EMR systems that make you pay for services you don’t need, ClinicSource offers a build-your-own approach so you can save money. Our standard practice management platform includes training and setup, email support, and automated backups. 

You can add additional users and services depending on your practice’s needs. Potential add-ons include:

  • CSClear. CSClear provides automated claims management, helping you achieve a 98.06% payer acceptance rate.
  • CSBilling. CSBilling offers automated revenue cycle management and billing.
  • CSInsights. CSInsights lets you use a practice-wide dashboard to gain actionable insights into your practice’s performance to make changes for improved growth.
  • Additional data storage, appointment reminders, and document management features.

Ring in the New Year with ClinicSource, the Best Therapy Practice Management Software for Therapists

ClinicSource can help you manage specialty-specific data for your therapy practice. ClinicSource’s software helps make your practice more efficient so you can spend more time with patients and minimize the time spent fixing manual mistakes and other administrative tasks. 

Book a demo today to see how ClinicSource can benefit your practice to take advantage of our special year-end discount — our best deal of the year!

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