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Top 5 Reasons Therapists Switch to ClinicSource

4 January 2023

January 4, 2023

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  • In a recent customer survey conducted by TechValidate, therapists shared their top reasons for switching to ClinicSource integrated therapy practice management software. 
  • Among the top reasons for switching were time saved on documentation, improved productivity, and increased profitability.
  • ClinicSource offers a cloud-based, integrated EMR experience for therapists to streamline workflows and simplify documentation.

In a recent TechValidate survey, therapists shared their top reasons for switching to integrated EMR and therapy practice management software. These providers’ responses, including time saved on documentation and improved efficiency, demonstrate why ClinicSource is a preferred EMR platform for therapists. 

Survey Results for ClinicSource Therapy Practice Management Software 

As part of its innovative and customer-first approach, ClinicSource sought customer feedback on its integrated therapy practice management software with a TechValidate survey. The survey results are based on 628 customer responses from April 2022.

customer research

Respondents include therapists from a range of specialties, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, pediatric therapy, mental health, and applied behavioral analysis. Overall, 89% of therapists surveyed said they experienced satisfaction using ClinicSource. 

The following are the top reasons therapists gave for moving to ClinicSource from a paper-based practice management system or other software. 

1. Time Saved On Documentation

63% of ClinicSource customers switched from a paper system to our cloud-based software, and 11% had been using Google Forms. Overall, 67% of therapists cited improving charting and documentation efficiency as their number one reason for making the switch. 

37% of respondents said documentation templates influenced their decision to use ClinicSource in their practice. ClinicSource provides therapists with SOAP notes and care plan templates they can access through an intuitive dashboard. 

As a result of switching to ClinicSource, 64% of therapists saved time on documentation. 

Therapy-specific features allow you to enter notes quickly and select diagnosis, CPT, and G-codes in one platform. For example, speech therapists can monitor and document patients’ language fluency and verbal processing with over 65 speech and language templates.

2. Ease of Compliance

44% of survey respondents said they switched because they wanted a more reliable system. Reliability includes issues like data security and regulatory compliance.

ClinicSource is HIPAA-compliant software that automatically incorporates any regulatory changes into the system. Your patient’s electronic private health information (ePHI) stays secure with our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, security auditing, and password protection. We back up all data in off-site data centers to ensure compliance with HIPAA rules for routine off-site data backups.  

ClinicSource empowers you to designate permissions for different users to protect patients’ privacy. In case of an audit from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), you can generate HIPAA compliance reports to show your compliance with HIPAA rules. 

With ClinicSource, 57% of customers reported having an easier time staying compliant with regulatory requirements. 

3. Switch to Electronic Records

Of the customers surveyed, 49% said a significant factor in switching was wanting to migrate to an electronic medical records system. Using electronic EHR software reduces errors and allows for better security and patient care than a paper-based system. For those transitioning from paper records, the automated, cloud-based features of ClinicSource provided more reliability and uniform documentation.

After switching to ClinicSource to streamline EHR workflows, 56% of respondents said they had a better experience than their paper-based system. 18% also reported improved quality of patient care. 

Therapists can easily access a patient’s medical history through cloud-based therapy practice management software such as ClinicSource rather than searching through paper files. ClinicSource eliminates legibility issues and saves time and effort on therapy documentation with treatment logs, care plans, and SOAP note templates.

Therapists can better provide treatment to ensure their patients receive the best care possible by reducing the human error that comes with physical medical records. ClinicSource’s complete integration and data syncing also saves time by reducing redundant data entry.

4. Improved Staff Coordination

More than half, 58% of respondents, cited improving in-office workflow as a major reason for switching to ClinicSource, and 54% have seen improvements since implementing ClinicSource.

Among the workflow issues mentioned were scheduling, billing, and practice management. Another 47% said they wanted an EMR software they could customize to their specific needs. 

Therapists can facilitate coordinated care through patient scheduling, documentation, and templates to make crucial clinical decisions. The integration of therapy billing software within ClinicSource lets staff see claim submissions from the all-in-one dashboard and seamlessly work together to follow up on claim rejections.

5. Improved Productivity 

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Most therapists questioned in the ClinicSource survey switched for improved productivity. 37% wanted easy-to-use billing, and 30% wanted access to a U.S.-based support team. 47% cited that software designed by therapists was also a reason for transitioning to ClinicSource. 

ClinicSource allows its users to improve productivity at all levels of their practice. According to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), keeping electronic medical records increases efficiency and returns on investment. ClinicSource helps you improve practice management through centralized ePHI management, streamlined workflows, integrated billing, and automated coding. 

The scheduling software in ClinicSource connects patient appointments with their progress notes and medical history and improves workflow efficiency in all aspects of your practice. As a result, 33% of surveyed customers reported increased productivity using ClinicSource. What’s more, 84% of respondents saw an increase in their practice’s profitability.

84 percent are satisfied with efficiency of software

Switch to Integrated Therapy Practice Management Software with ClinicSource

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For improved productivity, simplified documentation, and easier compliance, ClinicSource helps you streamline documentation and workflows, automate billing, and coordinate staff so you can focus on spending more time with your clients. 

To learn more about how ClinicSource can help you automate and simplify daily practice management tasks for better patient care, book a demo today.


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