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How to Choose the Best Speech Therapy Documentation Software

13 September 2022

September 13, 2022

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  • Choosing the right speech therapy documentation software can help you streamline all aspects of your practice.
  • When choosing a speech therapy EMR system, look for one that offers documentation, reporting, scheduling, and practice management features.
  • ClinicSource is an all-in-one EMR platform that checks all the boxes of the best speech therapy documentation software.

Choosing the best speech therapy documentation software for your practice can help you streamline documentation, reporting, scheduling, and other operations. When considering a speech therapy EMR, look for a system like ClinicSource that offers streamlined documentation and reporting features to help you minimize the time you spend on practice management to maximize your time with clients. 

What to Look for in Speech Therapy Documentation Software

As a speech and language therapist, you may spend nearly as much time documenting sessions and performing other clerical duties as you do with your clients. According to a 2018 study, providers spend nearly 35% of their time documenting patient encounters, highlighting the need for an efficient, streamlined EMR system. 

The best speech therapy documentation software helps minimize documentation and practice management tasks. Here are some things to consider to help you narrow down your choice of a speech therapy EMR. 

Look for a system that does these things:

Streamlines Documentation

Research shows that some providers spend nearly four hours per week on documentation. For example, manually writing speech therapy SOAP notes may take several minutes to complete, cutting into the time you could spend with your clients or adding length to your days. 

When choosing a speech therapy EMR, opt for a program that automates documentation with SOAP notes and care plan templates with an intuitive user interface. Ensure that your EMR system offers pre-programmed features tailored to speech therapy and allows you to quickly enter your notes and choose a diagnosis, CPT, and G-codes that are updated across your practice. 

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Integrates Scheduling

Without efficient scheduling software, your practice may struggle to run efficiently. You may under- or overbook yourself or other therapists in your practice using a manual scheduling system. You may also struggle to keep up with appointment emails or phone calls to patients and suffer lost revenue due to no-shows or inconsistent follow-ups. 

Look for a speech therapy EMR that offers integrated scheduling so you can spend as much time as possible with patients. Look for a system that is intuitive to use with color-coded scheduling and a built-in conflict checker to avoid double-booking. Also, choose a system that sends automated appointment reminders to your clients. 

Automates Billing and Insurance

Billing and insurance errors can cost your practice money. Manual billing and insurance can lead to errors due to incorrect codes or errors with claims forms. Additionally, manual processing can slow the claims process and interrupt your practice’s cash flow. 

Opt for an EMR system that automates billing and insurance. Look for a built-in claims tracker, customizable claim forms, and information syncing. Ensure ease of billing with automated patient statements and billing, which allow you to store patient cards on file to streamline payment processing. 

Offers Practice Management Features

Streamlined practice management can help avoid miscommunications with patients and staff. It can also reduce redundancy and data entry errors across the board, so your practice runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Look for EMR that is fully integrated and HIPAA-compliant to ensure your practice information is safe and avoid HIPAA violation penalties. Choose one that allows you to set user permissions and adapts to any size practice. 

Simplifies Reporting 

Without built-in reporting features, keeping up with reporting requirements for third parties like CMS or other regulatory agencies can be challenging. Opting for an EMR with robust reporting capabilities helps you stay compliant and simplifies reporting tasks. 

Also, look for customized reporting templates for different modalities, such as speech and language therapy. Ensure your EMR provides you with a treatment log that lets you choose from pre-programmed CPT and diagnosis codes. Choose one that automatically updates reporting requirements and offers reminders to help you stay compliant. 

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ClinicSource: Speech Therapy Documentation Software That Checks All the Boxes

ClinicSource is a speech therapy EMR system designed for speech and language professionals. It was created by an ASHA-certified speech and language pathologist and is ONC certified. 

ClinicSource is the best speech therapy EHR because it checks all the boxes of efficient speech therapy documentation software with the following features: 

Streamlined Documentation 

With ClinicSource, you have streamlined documentation at your fingertips. Our built-in documentation timesavers help you maximize your time with clients so you can provide optimal care. Our software provides more than 65 speech and language assessment templates to help you document your patients’ progress regarding fluency, phonological processing, and speech skills. 

Our assessment library include:

  • CASL-2
  • CAAP-2
  • CELF-5
  • SSI-4
  • GFTA-3

Our streamlined documentation allows you to create thorough SOAP notes more efficiently. We offer an intuitive documentation platform that integrates your treatment logs and care plans with CPT, diagnosis, and G-codes to simplify notetaking for patient encounters. 

Scheduling Integration

Thanks to ClinicSource’s integrated scheduling, you can access an intuitive appointment-setting interface with multiple view options. This lets you see your practice’s schedule at a glance. 

Our mobile-friendly scheduling feature exports to Apple Calendar, Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal. It also checks for conflicts automatically and sends reminders to patients to help confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments. 

Automated Billing 

ClinicSource offers automated billing and claims processing to simplify these tasks. Our platform pulls all billing and insurance information together, reducing manual data entry errors. It also features customizable invoicing and a claims tracker and generates patient statements. The built-in payment processor simplifies payments and improves your cash flow. 

Practice Management Features

ClinciSource’s practice management features help you run an efficient practice. Our integrated platform combines your information in one intuitive interface, so you can see all elements when you log in. It’s HIPAA compliant, adapts to multiple clinic sizes and modalities, and allows you to set user permissions. 

Reporting Capabilities

ClinicSource offers multiple reporting capabilities for speech therapists. Our EMR platform provides customizable reporting templates and automatic updates to ensure you adhere to the most current reporting requirements. 

Additionally, ClinicSource lets you run and print reports for your practice so you can analyze its performance. You can track operational costs, compare therapists’ performance, and see your billing and revenue data to help with practice management decisions. 

Explore ClinicSource, the Best Speech Therapy Documentation Software for Your Practice

ClinicSource is an all-in-one platform that automates your practice’s operations. Our software syncs SOAP notes, billing, and insurance information to simplify practice management tasks and free up time to spend with your clients. 

Book a demo today to discover how ClinicSource, the best speech and language therapy EMR, can help you streamline reporting, billing, scheduling, and documentation for your practice. 

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