ClinicSource Therapy Forms: Designed by Therapists, for Therapists

When it comes to choosing therapy forms to use in your therapy practice, you may find yourself faced with the same sad reality as many other therapists: sure, there are myriad options available, but unfortunately, most are so general in nature that they’re cluttered with items you’ll never use, and sadly bereft of features needed by therapy clinics. That’s where ClinicSource comes in.speech therapy forms

ClinicSource practice management software was designed by therapists, specifically for use in therapy practices. From the intuitive therapy evaluation form to the customizable therapy goals and therapy care plan form, every therapy form in the ClinicSource system was developed to help therapists handle that part of their business quickly and simply. Easily enter new patient demographics from your therapy intake form. The increased efficiency and time savings can then be reinvested in your own professional development, as well as in patient care.

ClinicSource is a comprehensive, fully-integrated electronic medical record (EMR) and management solution for your therapy practice. Years of development, working in conjunction with therapy professionals, has been invested in creating our therapy forms, all with an eye towards integrating the forms with every other area of your practice, so information flows automatically to where you need it. That grander idea has been the passion of our business, and the result is a Web-based platform dedicated to building efficiency and functionality into the practices of thousands of therapy professionals.

ClinicSource Provides Occupational Therapy Documentation Forms, Speech Therapy Documentation Forms, Therapy Templates and More

ClinicSource does it all, for every therapy discipline. When you’re looking for speech and occupational therapy documentation templates, don’t forget about the bigger picture. Electronic therapy forms might be a start, but they’re certainly not a system. Many of the efficiencies to be enjoyed from a switch to an EMR are built around the concept of integration. With integration, you avoid the redundancies that plague paper or multiple-platform models. But the need for integration poses another challenge: What software offers full, comprehensive integration? The answer is ClinicSource.

ClinicSource provides complete integration, tailored specifically for therapy professionals, whether they work in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, mental health, or applied behavioral analysis. Our integration allows you to combine access to and input of patient information across scheduling, billing, and SOAP note features.

Therapy Documentation Forms, Plus an Exclusive Goal Library

To make it easy to report on daily progress, ClinicSource features powerful, customizable SOAP note templates. Therapy goals automatically populated from the care plan, and drop-downs for goal assistance level, type, and achievement make reporting a breeze. ClinicSource also features an exclusive Goal Library that comes pre-populated with hundreds of relevant objectives, organized by therapy discipline. And the care plan templates feature modalities, procedures and goals specific to your therapy field. Once selected, they automatically flow through to the patient’s daily notes—no need to retype.

Importantly, all of these features are packaged in an access-anywhere, secure Web-based platform. Our mobile solution never tethers you to a single device or location, allowing you to gain access to critical information from your iPad, Blackberry, Android or iPhone.

ClinicSource stores all information in a secure Cloud. Any data that passes between your devices and our Cloud-based servers is encrypted using the same standard established by leading financial institutions, meaning your data is safe. Plus, we back up all information to multiple server sites on a nightly basis. So a hard drive crash on the desktop at your office will have no effect on the accessibility of your data. Downtime is minimized—and so is anxiety.

If you have a larger practice, you may have your own network of servers and information technology staff. We’re able to accommodate the needs of large therapy groups, too, by arranging for ClinicSource software to run on your own servers. It’s part of the inherent scalability of our system that makes it a great choice, no matter the size of your practice.

Therapy Documentation Forms and Beyond

occupational intake formIn addition to expediting the documentation process, ClinicSource also makes scheduling and billing tasks fast, easy and accurate. Our scheduling software automatically notifies you of any potential scheduling conflicts, helping you to avoid double-booking of patients. You can sync your ClinicSource calendar with your Google calendar, or upload the information to Microsoft Outlook or Apple’s iCal. Additionally, you can set ClinicSource to send automatic email, text and phone reminders to your patients and therapists regarding upcoming appointments. Reducing no-shows means improving continuity of care and maximizing the value of your time at the office.

Billing features eliminate any need for a standalone billing system or separate cardswipe machine. You can process payments from patient credit cards or send therapy claims electronically to all major insurers. You can quickly and easily generate full patient statements and create superbills as needed.

If you’re looking for speech or occupational therapy documentation forms specifically designed for use in therapy practices, and integrated seamlessly with all other management functions, look no further than ClinicSource… the Cloud-based practice management software that lets you spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.

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