[Webinar] Simplify, Streamline, And Optimize Your OT Practice With ClinicSource!

6 June 2023

When it comes to leveling-up your practice, there’s no better place to begin than a practice management software designed for an OT. ClinicSource is the premium all-in-one EMR software solution for OT’s, and we’d like to invite you to watch a webinar that demonstrates why!

ClinicSource was developed by therapists for therapists, which is why we know firsthand that running an occupational therapy practice is no easy feat. From scheduling and record-keeping to accounts receivables and billing, the daily grind of running a therapy practice is overwhelming for most teams.

Fortunately, ClinicSource is the ideal solution for streamlining, automating, and optimizing your practice. With ClinicSource, you can turn the daily grind of running a practice into an effortless process that allows you to focus your time on things you love, like patient care. Watch this webinar to learn how ClinicSource can help streamline your tasks, optimize your workflows, and eliminate those overwhelming feelings you get on busy days.

Let Us Show You

Your one source for therapy EMR:

Therapy Documentation

Intuitive templates make reporting quick and easy.


Therapy Scheduling

Possibly the most powerful scheduling system ever.

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Therapy Billing

Fully-integrated payment processing & collections.


Practice Management

Go paperless! All practice data is right at your fingertips.