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Why Choose ClinicSource Therapy EMR?

8 July 2022

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  • ClinicSource is simple to learn and use, which means you won’t get bogged down by a complicated learning curve.
  • The software features complete scheduling, reporting, and billing integration so you can manage all key tasks in an all-in-one platform.
  • Industry experts designed ClinicSource for therapists to integrate all the administrative functions you need to run your practice.

Whether you are a new therapist or in a well-established practice, capable software for managing your business is essential. ClinicSource is an EMR and therapy practice management system created by therapists for therapists. It is a completely integrated scheduling, reporting, and billing therapy software solution. 

Following is an in-depth overview of the key advantages to using ClinicSource to manage your practice.


ClinicSource is an all-in-one, cloud-based therapy EMR and practice management solution. Here’s what that means for you.

With a cloud-based system, all of your practice data is stored off-site in a secure location. Everyone in your practice with the proper permissions can access that information anytime, from anywhere, on any device. 

A cloud-based system eliminates the need for storing data on site, so you can reclaim the space you’re currently using to store paper records.

With a cloud-based system, your data is securely stored on redundant servers and backed up automatically. You no longer have to worry about misplaced records, lost or stolen data, or natural disasters.

ClinicSource is also HIPAA-compliant. It includes all of the necessary features to help ensure your practice maintains compliance with HIPAA regulations. Because ClinicSource is a cloud-based system, our users enjoy automatic software updates, ensuring data security and future compliance as regulations change.

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Easy To Learn and Easy To Use

As a busy therapist, you don’t have time for the complicated learning curve that comes with many software programs. ClinicSource is so intuitive that you could easily teach yourself how to use it. (But you won’t have to, thanks to our industry-leading, U.S.-based support team.)

In addition, we offer one-on-one live training sessions, during which our amazing trainers will log in to your ClinicSource account while screen-sharing to help you with your setup process. A recent research article published on NIH identified the most common barrier to implementing an EMR system was technical difficulties and lack of support that resulted in user frustration. Our outstanding support team and live training will minimize any potential frustrations and empower you to get a head start on what may look like a daunting process. 

As a cloud-based, all-in-one clinic management solution, ClinicSource makes it easy to access every function you need to run your practice from a single log-in. You can use it from your office, at home, and even while traveling.

What’s more, ClinicSource is easy to customize to the way you practice. We have built-in documentation templates and patient forms that are fully customizable, so we can meet your practice’s specific needs and improve your efficiency. 

Therapy-Specific Features

ClinicSource is not a general purpose record management solution. It is designed with therapy-specific features to serve practitioners in this particular industry. Every aspect of the software and its integrations is aligned with therapist needs and preferences.

Our users include therapists from the following practice types

  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Pediatric therapy
  • Mental health

Improved Documentation Efficiency

Improved document efficiency is the number one concern for therapists looking for a therapy EMR. ClinicSource addresses this concern with hundreds of templates you can fully customize for the exams and treatments you use. You can create therapy SOAP notes, goals and treatment plans, and evaluations in minutes.

The software is optimized for touchscreen, so you can zip through paperwork with a minimum of time and effort.

All data automatically transfers to other areas of the software that use it, eliminating redundant data entry and increasing accuracy by reducing the risk of human error.

Streamlined Scheduling and Billing 

ClinicSource’s scheduler software allows you to send automatic appointment reminders by text or email, reducing no-shows and increasing practice efficiency and revenue. 

Billing is also integrated with the rest of the software, making payments and collections smooth and easy. 

Fully Integrated

Therapists don’t want to access multiple software programs to tackle all of the administrative tasks in their practice. With ClinicSource, you don’t have to. It offers complete scheduling, reporting, and billing integration. 

Key integration features include:

  • Built-in appointment reminder system, texts, emails, and phone calls
  • Quick and easy reporting with hundreds of customizable templates
  • Automatic data and report organization so you’re always ready for audit
  • Integrated billing that maximizes claims with automatic data flow and 100% accuracy

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Industry Expertise

ClinicSource has been trusted by thousands of practitioners for over a decade. We even have therapists on our team with a desire to continue to improve our software to better serve you and your practice by putting their expertise to work for you. 

What’s more, ClinicSource has supported the industry by attending hundreds of events since the software’s inception. A commitment to the industry and therapy practitioners is a driving force behind everything we do. 


The goal of an EMR is to optimize administrative efficiency so that you have the freedom to focus on caring for your clients. After all, caring for people is what got you into this industry. 

The fact that ClinicSource was developed by therapists means that it is designed by experts who know what you do every day. Whether you’re looking for your first EMR or considering a switch, it’s easy to implement ClinicSource in your practice. 

Book a demo and see the benefits of ClinicSource therapy EMR for yourself. 

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