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Practice Your Way With a Customizable Therapy EMR

19 January 2023

January 19, 2023

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  • An outdated therapy EMR or manual processes can hinder your ability to grow your practice.
  • A customizable therapy EHR can help streamline your practice’s administrative processes, reduce data entry errors, and improve operational efficiency.
  • A customizable therapy EMR adapts templates and goal libraries according to your therapy specialty to minimize time spent on documentation.
  • With a personalized therapy EMR, you can add extra services to help you streamline your practice workflows and improve your patient experience.

Your therapy EMR software impacts your practice’s workflow and ability to care for patients. Outdated or manual EMR systems can hinder productivity and leave you with time-consuming documentation and billing tasks. With a customizable therapy EMR, you benefit from fully integrated software that lets you run your practice your way and streamlines your daily workflow. 

Importance of a Customizable Therapy EMR

Personalizing your therapy EMR for your practice’s goals lets you gather the necessary information and helps you stay organized and efficient. It also lets you personalize features your practice needs to stay on track to meet its daily goals and help your patients. 

When you switch to a customizable therapy EMR, your practice will realize the following benefits:

Increased Efficiency

Many therapists struggle with inputting data and ensuring that all patient information is accurate. Manually entering patient information can lead to human errors, causing inefficiency in a patient’s treatment, such as entering the wrong modality in the patient’s chart.

With an all-in-one EMR system, you can choose customizable templates relevant to your practice to meet your patients’ medical needs and eliminate inaccurate and redundant data entry. 

Streamline Workflows

Taking advantage of a customizable EMR can help eliminate the need for a paper record system and reduce the amount of time spent on paperwork and administrative tasks. According to one study, 65% of physicians using EMRs report improved patient care, and less than 5% note adverse effects. 

Your EHR can support medical decision making with other features and products that benefit your practice, including robust analytics and integrated billing solutions, which help improve patient care.

ClinicSource’s Customizable Features 

With ClinicSource’s all-in-one therapy practice management software, you can simplify your daily tasks while growing your practice through a full-featured and customizable practice management system. 

ClinicSource includes the following customizable features for therapists across multiple modalities: 

Customizable Documentation Templates

The customizable documentation templates in ClinicSource can be used in various therapy settings, such as speech, occupational, physical therapy, and behavioral and mental health. These templates include all of the customizable fields specific to each practice.

You can further customize your software with ClinicSource’s EMR templates. Therapists can change templates to include all aspects of an assessment that are important to their modality. 

For instance, occupational therapists can choose an EMR template they wish to use by clicking on the standardized assessments and tests. ClinicSource automatically adds the scoring grid. 

Specialized Goal Libraries

You can use hundreds of pre-populated clinical objectives in the specialized goal libraries in your patient’s care plan template in ClinicSource. In the care plan, you can define the modalities and the goals you want to use during treatment. 

For example, speech and language therapists can use SOAP note templates to automate the creation of goals in their patients’ care plans, assistance levels, and achievement percentages. They also sync with your patients’ charts for use and assignment as needed. 

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Customizable Billing Features

ClinicSource’s billing and invoicing solution allows you to bill patients and insurance providers quickly. A click will enable you to automatically generate all claims and invoices you need to send to your clients. They can receive their claims on paper or through electronic messages.

The invoice page allows you to customize an invoice for a patient and their insurance company by adding modifiers, diagnosis codes, and rates. Creating an invoice provides staff members, insurance providers, and patients with a clear picture of all charges and the associated diagnoses.

Customizable User Permissions

ClinicSource allows you to control what information certain users can access by setting user permissions. For example, you can grant your office manager access to information about scheduled sessions and client demographics but not allow changes to chart notes or modifiers entered by the therapist.

Your practice can customize user permissions even further if you have interns. For instance, you can set up a workflow so interns can enter notes and have their supervisors review and sign them. A workflow like this can avoid misunderstandings with the staff members and ensure the patients still receive timely treatment and care from your practice. 

Multi-Location Use

ClinicSource is a cloud-based system that allows you to manage multiple locations from one platform. Whether you currently have more than one location or plan to grow in the future, ClinicSource can easily scale with your growing practice. 

When you use ClinicSource for multiple locations, each site can have separate billing information, such as addresses, EINs, and patient data. This allows for effortless management of multiple offices or clinics and billing numerous insurance companies from a single program rather than multiple software programs.

Customizable Add-On Services

Our suite of services in ClinicSource’s therapy practice management software gives you access to additional functionality and features. These ancillary features let you keep costs down by paying for only the services you need and none that you don’t. You can add on each service as needed, allowing you to customize your therapy EMR package as your practice grows and your needs change. 

Add-on services include:

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Practice Your Way With ClinicSource Customizable Therapy EHR 

Personalizing ClinicSource’s therapy practice management software empowers you to run your practice effectively and meet the needs of your patients. Easily customizable templates, billing features, and user permissions can help you scale your practice as you add more locations.

Book a demo today to try ClinicSource and see how our customizable features can help you run your practice your way for optimal efficiency. 


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